How this website is created ?

This website is created with Gnu Awk, Gnu Make and Markdown. See how I generate this website without strong dependencies such as PHP, Python or Perl and a database.

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Wesnoth for cheaters

Battle for Wesnoth is an Open-source game that I sometimes play on my spare time. But instead of trying hard to finish the campaign, I hacked the save format to heal my heroes.

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GCov merging tool

GCC coverage is a tool used to test code coverage in your programs. However if it only works for a build without handling compile-time #define nor #ifdef. I wrote a simple awk script to merge the results for some build configuration.

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French Internship report

For the record, I published my internship report on this website. This is one of my first “serious” project. I worked for Geensys and I had to implement the TCP/IP AUTOSAR modules re-using an Open-source TCP/IP stack. For that, I used a PowerPC MPC5668 and an AVR32 with the open-source Trampoline OSEK OS.

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